Night of the Mystics

by Army of Dagon

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released July 6, 2017

Night of the Mystics was recorded, mixed, and mastered at Witch Ape Studio - Skyway Audio by Tad Doyle in Seattle, during the Fall of 2016
and Spring of 2017.

The cover was painted by Maj Askew.
@shootaskew (Instagram)

Army of Dagon is:

Andrew Rodgers - Bass
Dwayne Morman - Drums
Jonn Rockwell - Guitars and Vocals

(c) Army of Dagon - 2017
All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Army of Dagon Seattle, Washington

Army of Dagon formed in Seattle in the spring of 2011. They combine elements of Heavy Metal, Traditional Doom, and Heavy Rock to create anthemic dirges that speak of nature, ghosts, old religions, and battles lost. In the summer of 2017, the band celebrated the release of its second album, Night of the Mystics. ... more

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Track Name: Black Mountain Keep
Tall mountain stabbing sky
Lightning crack we’ve yet to change
Beast above keep them far
Below our black cave home they cannot . . .

Steel ourselves dawn will break
Thunder shook the fires down
Madness then, courage all
From everywhere we are as one

The more we live
The more we are free
The more we are free

What we know they can’t take
What we know
We are all kings

Creatures watch, creatures love
We all bleed the same blood
If we fall those below
Will cry for the space in their wicked . . .
Track Name: Bring the Stars
Turned away and set before gates of white bone
You journeyed deep into the void of the unbound
You wield the strength you’ve always known
When they take the light you bring the stars
When they take the light you bring the stars

Enter the grave holding steel
Demons of dark are drawing near
You feel love pulling you back
From ripping claws and alien eyes
Hold the love, hold the love
Shadows fall before your rage
Don’t forget, never forget
You’re the start, you’ll be the end

Gods drink deep all these lies
All these worlds all who die

Took the life and held it tight when life was gone
Still a part that believes the worth of this form
You wield the strength you’ve always known
Chain the hands of fate because you can
Chain the hands of fate because I can
Track Name: Evening Sky
All blood red, all the fear, and the taste, all blood red

You fear the worm that cleans your bones
So you run and run and run and forget to breathe
Weakened by the way you chose
You find yourself made to crawl

Black shapes fall against the evening sky
And you’ve never felt so low
With night the mystics come to trade their form
And know darkness forever

You see flames stuttering
And the knife blade shine

All blood red, all the fear, and the taste
And the secrets we’ve seen
Track Name: Fera Magic
Witch light upon cold wind
Wolf cry and the hunt comes
Arms high and the flames rise
Beast run through the dark night

Wild magic lives forever
Wild magic lives within us all

Screams out from the wildland
Nightmare for the people
Voice loud to the blackness
Face blazing with laughter

Eram quod es
Eris quod sum

Feel truth inside
Feel truth burn inside
Track Name: Red Dark
The burden of your secret knowledge
All these visions kill your soul
The sorrow of this gift of foresight
And tombs filled with those you knew

Mind awake in a place unknown
Body still, the face reveals it all

You’re not afraid, the curse is coming back
It will destroy, Red Dark now turns your mind

Soon the pain, you see no way to end it

Future known
Til the dark
Out for blood

Your heartbreak is that no one will hear you
And you hold your vengeance alone
Track Name: The River
Born in darkness and you grow
Your blood from ancients to worship
You prayed to the water, those below
You drank deep the water and it made you whole

If we could’ve known peace within our fortune
We would have it all
Past mistakes like death looming high like mountains
And from there we fall

Fear the wisdom of their plan
All the dreams of ages gone
Spread like fire, we burn down
Fear the freedom

So you run upriver to your home
Plague rides with you and sickens all
You plead with your body then you turn
You bathe in the river and tear yourself apart

From within the dark a city rises upward
Til it touches sky
And the earth becomes a signal out to space
A signal for them all

Rise from below
Track Name: Warthon
We evolve
And we hope despite what we’ve always known
We don’t change
We forget the past to do the same
Choose the field
Til the end our backs against the wall
Shouts turn to screams
Misery makes us strong so we believe

Past buried under past
Rise for the future

We celebrate the ones with virtuous kill
All eyes upon the warrior

We do it again
Track Name: Amulet of Strength
We stand before you now
Bless the ground you will walk
Say your name to the winds
Chant the phrases of power

But before you go
Amulet of strength to hold
And the chain hearth forged
And when the words are said
You are bound to your home
So you’re never lost in the cold
And our thanks forever

If you must die . . .
Under the moon, through the wood
Come to me, receive your pain

We feel the gods around you
Guiding the way ahead
And ready our defenses
And we wait